Mini workshop

Inspiration Workshop for managers & employees who want to understand what it takes to start the sustainable process.

Target Group

This workshop is for managers and employees who want to work together to develop sustainable processes in their organization.


We base our work on the 17 global goals for sustainable development and the connection between them.

• We identify the goals that are most important for each unique company to address right now.

• We work in groups to brainstorm what sustainable processes you can actually develop.


You gain a deeper insight into the 17 world goals and how they can contribute to your organization.

You will work personally and in groups with the goals that are most relevant for you.

• You will work in smaller groups where you begin to brainstorm the various individual solutions.

Practical information

We can come out to you in your company and hold this workshop.

Date of mini workshop with us: Dependent on the Corona situation.


Price: excl. VAT per person

Unsubscribe: at least 24 hours before.


Jens Christian Aagenæs

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