Developing Purpose

As a Purpose, a sustainable organization has that all processes contributes to the development of a sustainable globe.

Sustainable intention

  • To develop companies that are capable of developing a sustainable business and thus a satisfactory financial return as well as opportunities for investment in the future.
  • To develop a healthy and developing community in collaboration with other organizations.
  • Creating partnerships based on collaboration more than a competition.
  • That there is a higher purpose than our own interests and profits, namely the sustainable globe we all want to preserve.

Development process for sustainable culture

1. First, management, possibly with the board, must define the overall Purpose of their sustainability process for the company.

2. Next, the leaders of the organization must be involved to define what the overall Purpose means to them as leaders and what it means for their way to lead.

3. Finally, employees must be involved to define what the overall Purpose means for them in their situation.

Definition of the Purpose proces.

Purpose, values ​​and strategy

There is a difference between your “universal purpose” and your mission or strategy. Purpose is your “reason d`etre” your reason to exist – and it does not change over time. Your mission is what you do, your strategy is how you plan to achieve your shorter goals – and your values ​​will guide the way strategy and mission are executed.

How will this benefit the organization ?

The organization will get a common understanding of “the burning platform” we stand on.

It will become a dedicated organization that is united to create the sustainable solutions.

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