Sustainability develops Mental Health

Mental Health develops Sustainability

Green & Lean

Processes developing green economic growth

Sustainable Leadership

Leadership with a Purpose

Involved Employees

Creating Sustainable Results

The EU wants green growth after Corona!

Sustainability and the green transition must be at the heart of Europe's resurgence after the Corona virus has come under control. This is what a joint statement from EU leaders also says about 'unparalleled investment' on the other side of the crisis. The corona crisis is continuing, and although CO2 emissions are temporarily dropping around the world, the consequences are severe, and sustainability is under pressure. But at some point, it will move forward again - Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen talked about a gradual opening of Denmark after Easter if development permits - and it must be handled properly.

Green & Lean

SUSTAINABILITYNOW is based on the 17 global goals for sustainable development when we talk about sustainable process development. Together with the company, we come up with the goals that are relevant to work with and which processes could be relevant to address in connection with the selected goals and develop these to become more sustainable and profitable.

Development of Purpose

There is a difference between your "universal Purpose" and your mission or strategy. Purpose is your “reason d’etre” - your justification for existence - and that does not change over time. Your mission is what you do, your strategy is how you plan to achieve your shorter goals - and your values will guide the way strategy and mission are executed.
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