Corporate Purpose

Purpose-oriented leadership has a positive impact on earnings, job satisfaction, employee recruitment and retention, performance, and customer loyalty.

It is important that everyone in the organization understands the Purpose and what this means to them. They must understand their own role and have the opportunity to get involved.

It is a continuous leadership task to merge the overall organizational Purpose with the individual purposes of employees. As leaders, we have to engage our employees in the deeper organizational existence.

Target Group

Decision makers, managers, process consultants, project managers, and employees. Everyone who has to understand the importance of a clear purpose in the development of a greener strategy and more sustainable processes.


Introduction to purpose-based leadership and the meaning of Purpose for us as leaders and employees.

You will develop your individual Purpose and have the opportunity in groups to give and receive feedback.


You will be guided in the development of your own Purpose and look at what this means for the company’s green direction.

Practical information

We can also do this 1 or 2 day training program as an in – house program in your company.

Date of Workshop: Dependent on the Corona

Location: Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen

Price: DKK 6500 pr. person pr. day excl. VAT


Jens Christian Aagenæs

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