Green & Lean

In SUSTAINABILITYNOW, our work is based on the 17 global goals for sustainable development when we are talking about sustainable process development. Together with the company, we find the goals that are relevant to work with and which processes could be relevant to address in connection with the selected goals, and develop these to become more sustainable and profitable.

Through a thorough analysis of the company´s structure and uncovering possible potentials, we create the basis for the implementation of the economic savings as well as the environmental improvements.  

In agreement with the Leadership team we develop and implement the agreed improvements and supports the necessary process for behavior changes that are needed to reach the goals. This covers leadership coaching, project management, practical behavior training, a process that is developed for the specific company.

We ensure, that the improvements supports the company’s objectives and overall strategy, and that they support each other.  

In the very development of your processes, we will draw on our Lean experience and make use of many of the valuable Lean tools that ensure that the sustainable processes also promote economic growth.

These two processes are not contradictory, on the contrary, they support each other. The Lean process and the Sustainable process go hand in hand.

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