Mentor training

Mentor training will optimize the ability of managers and employees to draw out the best from themselves and reach their goals. Offering a mentor education to those employees who naturally have the capacity, empathy and commitment to help others achieve their goals is one of the most effective organizational investments and will ensure sustainable results.

Providing managers and employees with a personal mentor has a very important impact on the employee’s work satisfaction, and provides targeted human resource optimization and thus the company’s results.

The mentor training program is a 2 days program, where we train you in the art of mentoring focusing on effective communication and practical mentoring.

This mentor training program can also be delivered as an internal program in your organization, with additional supervision of your internal mentors.

Target Group

The mentor training is for managers and others who would like to go into a Mentor function, and inspire and develop others through sharing oneself and one’s own experiences. The program is also suitable for board members, project managers and others who use the mentoring relationship as a tool in their daily lives and would like to be even better at this.


We have created a 2-day Mentor course, which builds on participant´s natural ability to master effective communication, taking into account the skills and experience they have already acquired through an active working life. In addition, you will learn a lot of tools and methods to use in your work as Mentor, to ensure the development and advancement of Mentee, while also developing yourself in your Mentor role.

The course is conveniently built with many exercises, so you can test the tools and develop your competencies.

After the course you have the opportunity to be admitted to our Mentor / Mentee database.


What is the benefit for you who choose to become a mentor?

  • To develop others through your own experience
  • To contribute to the growth of others
  • Improving your communicative skills
  • You will develop your professional network
  • Extending your own learning through the mentor / mentee relationship

Practical information

We can also do this training program as an in – house program in your company.

Date: Dependent on the Corona situation.




Jens Christian Aagenæs

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