Involved Employees

What does sustainability mean for an employee?

The creation of sustainable growth involves every employee. Everyone must understand the company’s purpose and commitment to sustainable processes. Every employee must be able to see how he/she contributes to the creation of sustainable solutions.

Having a strong sense of purpose defines the culture of a company. It gives people a clear understanding of their contribution to the business and provides a guide for daily tasks. This makes their work more meaningful and motivates employees of all generations. We all have an innate desire to contribute to something bigger.

When people engage deeply in what they do and know why they are doing it, they connect with the company’s purpose in their hearts and minds. That’s when the best work gets done.

If everyone in the company is aligned with the common purpose, they can understand the need for transformation and embrace, rather than fear, it.

Providing access to information combats inequality in the world.

Sustainability is not only a goal; it is part of the process. We can only create sustainable results if we ensure employees have sustainable lives.

Development process of sustainable employees

  • one day workshops for employees where they explore the organisation’s purpose and identify what it means to them.
  • a one-day workshop – “How can I take greater personal management responsibility over my everyday life?”

What will the organization get out of the process?

Employees who are dedicated to creating sustainable solutions and understand their own importance in the sustainable process.

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