Sustainable Leadership

“Of course, we cannot continue, as so far, in a world of nearly eight billion people, with technologies, chemicals, processes and other things that are capable of adversely affecting everything living on earth to an extent never seen before. Of course, we humans cannot continue to allow ourselves to act in these ways and to this extent.”

Steen Hildebrandt, Professor and author.

We have to to understand what characterizes sustainable growth and the kind of leadership this needs.

Target Group

Managers, project managers, and process managers, who are ready to start developing sustainable solutions and recognize that how you manage the process is crucial.


  • Defining what sustainable growth is.
  • Identifying what type of leadership is required and how to put this into practice.
  • Clarifying the mindset that will be needed to create sustainable solutions.
  • Moving from mindset to action.
  • Developing sustainable goals.
  • Exercising power in a sustainable context.


A greater understanding of what sustainable growth is and the leadership required to create it.

Practical information

We can also do this training program as an in – house program in your company.

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