Sustainable Leadership

We will only achieve sustainable growth when we turn away from draining and exhausting our resources and find ways of preserving these as we develop. The first thing that has to change is our mindset, and the first thing we have to manage is ourselves. This is about leadership. We are all leaders and share responsibility

“We’re all leaders in one situation or another, because if we influence, if we get people to change what they’re doing or send them in a certain direction, that’s leadership. It’s the essence of what a leader does.”- From The Executive Edge: An Insider’s Guide to Outstanding Leadership – Daniel Goleman et al.

What is sustainable growth?

Sustainable growth has the overarching goal of creating the conditions for our globe to be sustainable for all future.

What is sustainable leadership?

  • Sustainable leadership is about leading processes in a direction that creates sustainability in the future.
  • Sustainable leadership is about getting the organization’s attention focused on achieving the overall goals.
  • Sustainable leadership is about being creative and leading change and innovation that create sustainable solutions. To think thoughts that have not yet been thought!
  • Sustainable leadership is about prioritizing that employees live a sustainable life.
  • “Sustainable change is important because it is linked to change, which in itself holds the potential for increased value creation through development, improvement, renewal, innovation, competence building and the development of the ability to learn.” (Søren Brandi, The Habits of Change)

Questions we need to ask ourselves as leaders of a sustainable process!

  • how can we achieve continuous sustainable development?
  • how can our company unfold its full potential?
  • what will make our company stronger?
  • how do we secure our business long-term?

Change must have an overall purpose and be able to contribute to economic and organizational sustainability. Having a purpose makes change meaningful for everyone. All change must be durable and contribute to sustainable business.

Development process of sustainable leadership

1. A workshop where the leaders work on the overall Purpose that the top – management has set out, and what it means to them and their way of leading.

2. Sustainable Leadership Workshop

3. Individual Coaching of the Leaders in Sustainable Development Management.

Definition of the process

What will the organization get out of the process?

  • Leaders who understand the importance of a new approach to leadership in order to create sustainable results.
  • Leaders and employees work together towards a common sustainable goal.

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