The Purpose of Sustainable Culture

To develop a culture where work on the 17 world goals is integrated into the organization as a perpetual process.

Read more about the individual goals and sub-goals in the Library

INSIGHTLEADERSHIPS role in the sustainable process

The mission of INSIGHTLEADERSHIP is to develop  sustainable businesses and organizations, by supporting leaders and employees in the development of sustainable processes in their organization.

INSIGHTLEADERSHIP offers coaching, counseling and mentoring to management and leaders in the organization by professional advisors and consultants who come with a broad business experience from the industry that can meet your specific needs.

What will you gain from this program?

1. Mapping the opportunities available in the organization to develop sustainable processes.

2. Support in the implementation of the sustainable processes.

3. Ensure that the development is financially sound, which ensures increased growth.

4. Integrate it into the organization so it becomes part of the company’s DNA.

5. A company that is tuned to a sustainable future and to the future’s sustainability requirements.

What do we offer?

1. Professional Coaching and consulting in the development of sustainable processes.

2. Workshops with leaders and employees on how to work sustainable in practice.

3. Mentors who can ensure that the employees embrace the changes

4. 20 years of experience in Change Management and culture change within organizations and individually with leaders through Executive Coaching.

Purpose of sustainable culture

Developing a sustainable culture includes developing the entire organization, from the individual, to the most complex systems and processes. It also includes how we, as leaders, lead teams towards new challenging goals and towards new innovative sustainable processes. Last but not least, the organization creates the conditions for employees to become involved and understand their own role in the process of creating a more sustainable workplace, organization and thereby a sustainable globe.

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