What is sustainability?

Sustainability is how we can take care of the earth, instead of harming it by the way we live.

The word sustainable has come to mean, “looking after the earth.” Sustainability can ensure we hand over the earth to the next generation in as good a condition as we found it, or even better.

The choices we make today, in our everyday lives, are significant. We may not see the consequences right now, but our long-term impact on the earth’s future is real.  

Sustainability is maintained or destroyed by everything we do. It makes a difference if we buy few things or many, if we sort our waste or not, whether we choose to ride a bicycle or drive a car. All our everyday decisions affect the footprint we leave on the ground.

For us at INSIGHTLEADERSHIP, sustainability is about how we relate to the world, how we see others and ourselves. We have to look at how we think. Our mindset created the world as it is today, and only a new mindset can change it.

Our work to support the development of sustainable businesses focuses on both organizational processes and, crucially, the people.

Sustainable development requires the world to work together. The new world goals are our common plan to create sustainable development. Officially, they are called “World Sustainable Development Goals.” The challenges the world goals have to solve are complex and must be tackled from multiple angles. The world goals are based on a broad understanding of sustainability. They are about social, economic and environmental sustainability. At INSIGHTLEADERSHIP, the World Sustainable Development Goals are our goals.

All the people on earth and their ways of life are part of the earth’s total orbit. The environment and pollution have no national boundaries; sustainability is a global agenda. All nations and peoples must unite to solve these serious and urgent problems.

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